Spectacular one of a kind jewellery meticulously designed by our Creative Director, Frieda Kaplan Gross. Perfectly combining her love of design with a passion for using the purest diamonds and rarest gemstones, each piece is crafted to the highest standard and precision by skilled craftsmen at her Italian atelier. From the very first sketch, Frieda looks to create exceptional bespoke jewellery to be passed down through generations.

Frieda Kaplan Gross

Our Creative Director, Frieda has the vision, expertise and professional training to bring to life exceptional and unique jewellery. 

“NOA is my passion, it is my focus and drive to create mesmerising high quality jewellery to be passed on from generation to generation, for women who love to feel elegant, strong and feminine” Frieda, Creative Director

Hand Crafted

Our High Jewellery is one of the highest forms of luxury, each piece breathes NOA’s ethos of timeless, feminine and eye-catching masterpieces.

All our jewellery is hand crafted at the same family-owned Italian atelier and overseen by Frieda herself to ensure top craftmanship and authenticity of design.